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EcoPayz money transfer service allows you to send money instantly to friends, family and merchants around the world in up to 10 currency accounts with 50 currencies supported. Both you and the recipient need to have an ecoAccount at Silver level or higher to use this service. New customers can open a free Classic account and then upgrade to Silver level. To make a money transfer, log in to your ecoAccount and follow the simple steps in the “Transfer funds” section.

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Buy Verified  Ecopayz Account

Buy a verified Ecopayz account from us and get begun.

Verification Information

You need to prepare scanned copies or pics of the documents confirming your identification (to pick from):

• a replica of your passport: the page with the present-day photo, date of start, and passport quantity,

• a duplicate of your riding license (both facets),

• a replica of your ID card (identity card): both facets,

• a replica of the primary pages of your foreign passport.

You want to put together scanned copies or pictures of the documents confirming your address (to choose from):

• a duplicate of the software invoice (issued in your call and address particularly while registering an account),

• a duplicate * of the financial institution announcement (customer’s profile),

• a copy * of some other report issued via a country, banking, or economic organization that incorporates the deal with your registration or house.

* necessarily stamped and signed via the organ which issued that report.

Fund Deposit

You can deposit funds to your ecoAccount by using one of the following techniques:

– Credit/debit card.

– Local deposit options.

– International bank transfers.

Making Payments

To make payments with your ecoAccount you must:

– Have an ecoAccount and be registered with the service provider website.

– Have finances in your account.

– Go to the merchant’s site, and log in to your account there.

– Go to the ‘Deposit’ section (the name of this phase may also range with unique merchants), and select ecoPayz as the price method.

– Insert the amount you want to deposit from your account.

– Then insert your username and password and press the “Next” or “Submit” button.

– Funds are transferred.

– You may additionally begin playing and having a bet.

Money Transfers

EcoPayz cash switch carrier lets you send money immediately to buddies, circle of relatives, and traders around the sector in up to 10 forex debts with 50 currencies supported. Both you and the recipient want to have an ecoAccount at the Silver level or higher to use this carrier. New customers can open a free Classic account and then improve to the Silver level. To make a cash switch, log in on your ecoAccount and follow the easy steps in the “Transfer price range” phase.

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  • Avatar

    James Palme

    I will come back again

    April 28, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Franklin V. Barrett

    Perfect accounts got for my work

    March 27, 2023
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  • Avatar

    Deneen Murawski

    Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!

    January 24, 2023
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    Eugene C. Young

    I’m very happy with the service. I will order again soon, thanks!

    August 27, 2022
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  • Avatar

    Kenneth K. Bellamy

    Excellent customer service and moderately priced

    December 16, 2021
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    Donald Simmons

    Got usa number verified. highly recomended

    September 28, 2021
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