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Buy verified AdWords account – Google Ads Account: Simple Sign-Up but Overwhelming Opportunities

The program or product with which Google can help you set up digital Ads for your business in your preferred locations is Google Ads. This is a virtual advertising platform of Google developed for advertisers. Until July 4, 2018, it was known as Google AdWords.

If you want to publish ads using this online platform, you have to open a Google Ads account. Perhaps you know that Google is the largest search engine machine on the planet. So Google Ads being a Google platform, would undoubtedly be the biggest online advertising platform too.

Opening an account for an ad campaign on Google is a simple task, but it can provide you with overwhelming opportunities. You can maintain multiple Google Ads accounts using a single Google account/email. This article covers everything on an account for Google ads  – from the sign-up to the management of an extensive network of ads. Therefore, read on to the last.

Google is the most popular online search engine machine and people search in Google for almost everything. They include the How to, what-to, where-to, and Why of almost anything. So people search for a product or service for immediate and future needs.

If you are a manufacturer of such a product or provide the service they are searching for on Google, you can have your digital ads on your product or service that appeared on Google.

The ads will pop up the moment someone hits a search.  Whatever the device they are searching through – mostly on desktop or mobile – your well-timed ad may turn the searcher into a valuable customer. But you have to pay as Google per the policy to display ads.

And web users across the world will come across advertisements when they look for something matching your service offerings and product listings. The format of your digital ads may be a brief advertisement, video content, service offerings, product listings, a digital poster or banner, general mobile apps, and more. So don’t be late to buy a verified AdWords account.Buy Google Ads Accounts

Pretty Simple to Sign Up

It is pretty simple to sign up for Google ads. If you have a business website full of relevant content, well-designed, and easy to navigate, you can take the plunge to start a Google ads campaign.

Before you begin the process, you better create a Google account or an email address if you don’t have one already. It will no way bother you to use a Google email address if you have used it for other Google products.

You should be ready now for opening an ad account for advertising on the Google network. The smart campaign of Google will allow you to advertise as they let new advertisers experience the default Google Ads.

But you will certainly invest money in an ads campaign for the promotion of a business and that better have a website. That is why; you need two things – an email address and your business website- to start the process.  With these two at your disposal, visit the Google Ads homepage and you are pretty good to go.

  1. Enter the email you have/the Google email address you want to use for this purpose
  2. Enter your Business website URL you want to run the Ads campaign for
  3. Click Continue
  4. Sign in to your Google Account to start advertising

With the same Google account/Google email address/Gmail Account, you can handle up to 20 Google Ads accounts. And once you sign in with your existing Google account, you can enter all the other Ads accounts for other business websites without signing out of the current one.

To amaze you, you don’t need to sign out even if all the other business Ads accounts are created with different Google accounts. Know the process fully, and it is easy and fun.

Advanced Control by Google Ads Manager Account

As stated above, there is a limit on how many Ad accounts you can handle with the same email. These 20 Ads accounts include one Google ads manager account with them. If you need to control more than the said number of accounts, there is a way out.

Suppose you run an ad agency or you are to run a campaign for multiple clients. In this case, the number of your manageable ads accounts may well run over 20.

If that is the case, you can open a manager account on Google Ads. This will empower you to handle as many accounts who have accepted the invitation from your manager account.

Not to limit here, you can now control the manager accounts of others on top of deleting an existing ads account and adding a new one not enlisted yet. To derive all the amazing facilities given by a manager account from Google Ads, read more about this.


Does the Business Worth a Google Ads Account Venture?

As it is clear by now that you will create an account on the Google Ads homepage for promoting your business. While signing up for this account will cost you no money but this account is to publish ads for your business.

People will land on the homepage or landing page of your site by clicking on the test or whatever formats you give ads with. That means publishing ads will not make you money; rather, it will bring a potential customer or lead to show your site or service.

To turn those visitors into customers, you should make a business site full of relevant and unique content on the related topic or service.

Therefore, before opening an account to publish ads on Google networks, you have to ensure a quality business site optimized with relevant, unique, and engaging content. That will make the visitors believe that is what I need or where I will get my solution. Thus you can reap the benefits an ad campaign may give you.

Mistakes to Avoid While Setting Up Ads Account for Google Network

You have to put your billing information right before starting your promotional campaign. While working through Google ads, you have to choose either of the two payment options –i) automatic payments & ii) manual payments. The former option requires you to pay after 30 days of your last payment. By this tenure, your campaign will keep on.

On the contrary, the manual option demands you pay Google first either through a credit card or bank account. And the charge will get deducted with the accruing clicks until your prepaid balance runs out. Not to avoid, you should not wait for your balance to go down to zero because all your PPC campaigns will be suspended until the balance is recharged.

You have to decide in favor of one payment method while processing the signup.

Buy Google Ads Accounts

Must-do Follow-ups

You have a relevant, easy-navigate, and well-built-designed website with the preferred payment method set. And you have got started with the PPC campaign.

But you may not receive an immediate boost just after the maiden campaign has been launched. It would help if you waited to see results and the typical period for this is not more or less than 4-6 weeks.


Signing up Google Ads account is super easy and the scope to handle 20 accounts with one Google account is fantastic. To make things even more favorable, there is a managed account option to increase the maneuverability of your ads program.

But before that be sure of a website of your business that can convert a visitor into your potential customer. While a successful Ads account setup makes you an official PPC campaigner, the relevant and well-built out site will increase your conversion rate. I Wish You a Happy Google Ads Campaign.

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